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Blue Suede Clues By Daniel Klein

Feb 21, 2002
“If Only…” is the main thought after reading this book. If only Elvis could have exploited his interests like mr. Klein makes us believe, if only Elvis stood up against the Colonel, refusing doing the silly movies, if only…

It is hard to believe that a fictional book, the second murder mystery starring Elvis as detective, gives fans such thoughts. The author succeeds once again to picture a trustworthy Elvis. This story takes place November 1963, at the time Elvis was finishing the shooting of “Kissin’ Cousins”. Some “familiar” people like Lance LeGault, Priscilla, Ann-Margret, the Espositos and of course the Colonel show up, giving the story even more foundation. As with the predecessor, “Kill Me Tender”, Klein shows that he did some detective work himself, the book is pretty factual with even lesser “time faults” than in the previous detective by his hand.

We don’t want to spoil the “Blue Suede Clues”, so we keep it with this very short review. When you do like murder mysteries, you’ll have to jump on this mystery train to get, again, a fast Elvis version. We are glad that Daniel Klein didn’t think “Once Is Enough”.
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