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Between Takes With Elvis

Sep 12, 2003
Recently released on CD is the 2 L.P. set “Between Takes With Elvis”. Was that a good addition to the Elvis CD catalogue?


We can be very quick about the design, is there any? A white booklet with only the title diagonally. The back contains a list of the content, and some fine print we could just read.


According to the fine print on the back the original vinyl release of this 2 CD-set was a special promotional item from Creative Radio Shows. It was conceived and produced by Jerry Osborne.

About the content we can be brief too. This release contains audio fragments from 1972 of Elvis On Tour, getting ready to go on stage, rehearsing, clowning around with the members of the Memphis Mafia and talking to fans. Probably all of released before, and more complete, on other "talking' and "On Tour" releases. But it is too unstructured to determine exacly.


To be honest, we didn’t finish listening to this release. Listening to two hours of this kind of recordings in a row was too much. We simply miss a storyline. Perhaps it was an idea to have someone tell the story and illustrate it with the actual Elvis.
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elvis sweden (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 13, 2009report abuse
Several material can be found here that you can't find else to this date.I have bought it :-)
Christian Licorice (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 17, 2003report abuse
Unfortunately your review does not state the most important issue - is there any material here that the collectors do not already have. I mean, if I have the Elvis On Tour soundtrack, plus the Complete Elvis on Tour sessions cds, if there anything here we do not already own? I think thats what we need to know; can someone fill this piece of the puzzle in? If there is unreleased material on this release, I might buy it...

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