Apache Elvis

Sep 6, 1999
Apache Elvis
Design To stay at the design-part of the site first, as stated the layout is good. You don’t have to search where to click. A little minor is the amount of buttons. The navigation would be better when the site was divided in sections instead of the big summary it has now. Because the used buttons are chronological it isn’t too bad, but in our opinion it could be a little better. The collage of pictures as a submenu is a great idea, it makes the index stand out from the common picture galleries, as does the way of navigating through the gallery. Although the black coloursetting works great with the beautiful frontcover and is maintained perfectly throughout the entire site, the effect is that the site looks a little gloomy. rating: 9 out of 10 Content The content of the site is pretty standard nowadays. A pile of real-audio and lots of pictures make up the main part of the site. The pictures are in average quality, some very good, some pretty bad, with some rare ones included. Some good book/cd reviews give the site a little extra. Also the regular updating makes it worth visiting this site every now and then. Regarding contents the main minus: the huge disclaimer at the bottom of every page gets annoying. rating 8 out of 10 Advice Since the main intention behind our reviews will be to encourage the webmaster to improve when possible, there is some advice. The site is really beautiful in high resolution, but in the most used one (800x600) you need a lot of scrolling and can’t even see the entrance-picture completely, which is a pity. Of course the above mentioned menu-structure can be improved by deleting some items and for example, adding some relevant submenus. The quality of some of the pictures and the collages could be better, especially when viewed using a lot of colours (more than 16 bit). Overall this site is a must to visit regularly, very dedicated and a pleasure to review. We'd like to congratulate Pete Smith with the first ElvisNews.com Award: When you're a webmaster and have the guts to volunteer for a review, let us know at review@elvistelegraph.findhere.com. Otherwise you still have the risk we'll pick you by ourselves.
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