And The Winner Is.....

Jan 30, 2000
And The Winner Is.....
We knew we had to make the questions not too easy, because otherwise we just could have held a lottery. Nonetheless we were amazed about how many wrong answers we got, and how few right. 1. What is special about the song Flaming Star? An easy starter, we thought. And indeed 90% gave the answer that we wanted: it was originally named Black Star, but since the title of the movie was changed Elvis had to redo it as Flaming Star. 2. Which team wrote most Elvis recordings? A little more difficult, and it showed. We thought "give them something to do" (count), and probably a few did. "Leiber/ Stoller" was the answer we got most often, but they "only" wrote 24 songs that were recorded by Elvis. It is very close between the teams "Giant/ Baum/ Kaye" (41) and "Tepper/ Bennett" (42), but the latter is the right answer! 3. What do "Three Corn Patches" and "Stuck on You" have in common? (except they are both recorded by Elvis Presley for RCA Victor) We should have made the exception a little longer, cause this question turned out so difficult we got a lot of different, very original answers. We know Elvis isn't known for his great lyrics... but the lyrics were the key to the answer we wanted to see. In both songs Elvis mentions someone, probably a girl, with long black hair. We got this answer only a few times, but in those cases one or more of the other answers were wrong. That's why we decided to agree with the answer we received most often: "both recorded on the 21st", because it is also a good similarity and at least that gave us a winner. Other original answers like "both titles have 3 words", "Elvis disliked the songs", "both intros are less than 8 seconds" and "both were recorded as third song in a session" may not be wrong, but we didn't count them. 4. Name two bootlegs with "Rockin' With Elvis" in the title. A give-away! Almost everybody gave the right answer: "... on April's Fools Day" and "... on New Year's Eve". 5. Name at least 5 albumtitles, non soundtrack, released during Elvis' live on RCA Victor, which have a songtitle as (part of the) title. The three extra restrictions (non soundtrack, during his live AND RCA Victor), give the follow list of possible titles: His Hand in Mine, How Great Thou Art, Love Letters from Elvis, Elvis Sings the Wonderful World of Christmas, He Touched Me, Raised on Rock/ For Ol' Times Sake, Promised Land, Welcome to My World and Moody Blue. The often named Camden-releases like Separate Ways, Almost in Love and Let's Be Friends among others, were disqualified by "RCA Victor". Also "Always on My Mind" was named pretty often, but that one was released in the 80's. Finally It's time to congratulate the winner with his book, we'll contact you for your snail mail and mail the book as soon as possible! At the end you found your Good Luck Charm, because faith (read: a die) pointed yours out as the winner of 3 almost good solutions (out of 62). As promised we don't publish your name without asking.... but we hope to have it with a first reaction in our magazine later this week!
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